From time to time we will release info on some new products that we are working on. Sometimes we won't be able to say much because it is sensitive in nature but we will try to give as much info as we can. We are currently working with a partner called HDI from Las Vegas on a new type of camouflage called DepSoc360. It mimics nature's natural lines and colors to blend whatever the pattern is thrown on. We are making different things such as uniforms and also shrouds for equipment. As you can see from the video link, once the focus is off the camo and zooms away the guy seems to disappear. The best thing about the pattern is that it can be used in all kinds of terrain since we have the ability to take a snapshot of the environment and tailor the pattern to the actual mission. From desert to woodland we have got you covered. We have been working with the U.S. military to get feedback from the field to improve the design. We actually have one of our people visiting a base this week to continue work on the pattern. We think the camo will be best used by the Special Forces, Snipers, and anyone on recon. Of course we plan on licensing the design to different apparel companies so if you like the design start looking and asking for DepSoc360 at your favorite gear store. We will begin working on a new website that gives tons of new info and other fun stuff. Keep coming back to site for discounts, games, and even a free product or two. Sign up for the newsletter for the easiest way to keep on top of all the promotions. In the meantime check out the videos that HDI has come up with. Take in mind that in some of the shots the camo is designed for another terrain but as you can plainly see it still works like a charm.

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