The Evolution of the IBNS

The Evolution of the IBNS: Comparison of Catoma Adventure Shelter's EBNS, Armadillo, and Badger tents

We keep getting mails from customers wondering….."Which one of these should I choose?" My answer is always the same as it depends on what you need out of a tent. So I do this rundown of each tent and why I would choose it. Our IBNS is the tent that made us famous and each of these tents has that as the inner tent body. It has proven its ease of use and durability through the years helping our military do their jobs effectively.

EBNS (Enhanced BedNet System)

mojabe ebsn long

I would choose the EBNS if I need a tough 3-season tent that could keep me and my gear dry during a downpour. It has Premethrin built in the netting so I will never have to worry about bugs biting me while in it. The downside compared to the Armadillo and the Badger is that the EBNS is heavier by over a pound.


mojave armadillo

I would choose the Armadillo if I had a pack cover or use a super light day pack that would fit under its small vestibule. It has all the same features as the EBNS but in a lighter and smaller footprint. It does have the advantage of being able to store the fly which is already hooked on the inner tent so setup/pack-up time is dramatically decreased with the Armadillo.


badger FB

When weight is your major concern, The Badger will be there to take care of you. Weighing in at 2.94 lbs the Badger won't break your back getting to and from the campsite. You will either need a pack cover or have somewhere dry to put your pack because there isn't a usable vestibule on the Badger. Another area of concern would be condensation. This is a hybrid 1.5 wall tent; you will get a little more condensation than the Armadillo and EBNS since the vapor has more places to escape in these double wall tents. The Badger still vents properly but if I lived in a humid climate I would get the Armadillo over the Badger.

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