Motorcycle Camping

BMW On Review

5/04/2010 by Administrator

We here at Catoma Outdoor love the outdoors. We also have a couple of us that enjoy riding motorcycles. That led us to designing tents for motorcycle camping. Motorcycle tents are very similar to our other tents. We took the quick setup SpeeDome technology and added a couple features we thought would be helpful to the motorcycle camper. Some of the features are things like lots of loops to help cinch down the tent to your bike, Special accessory pockets to organize all your gear inside the tent, and a carry bag that rolls down and snaps tight for easy and quick packing. Another bright spot is that you can leave the poles and fly packed up with the motorcycle tent. The poles are integrated into the frame so you don't have to worry about lost parts when you have to get up and go. Speaking of get up and go these motorcycle tents can be setup as fast as 30 seconds. Perfect for when you are riding along and see raindrops on your visor. We have 3 different choices in our motorcycle tent category, anything from a one man tent (Lone Rider) to a three man tent (Switchback). The Motorcycle tents are designed for quick setup and take down so the weight might be a little higher than expected. Since you are not carrying them in a pack we thought that weight wasn't that big of an issue over comfort and tent setup time. If weight is an issue for you please take a look at our backpacking tents and see if they will work for you. In case you are having worries check out the review for our motorcycle tents in this BMW On issue.BMW ON