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The Evolution of the IBNS

3/03/2014 by Administrator

The Evolution of the IBNS: Comparison of Catoma Adventure Shelter's EBNS, Armadillo, and Badger tents

We keep getting mails from customers wondering….."Which one of these should I choose?" My answer is always the same as it depends on what you need out of a tent. So I do this rundown of each tent and why I would choose it. Our IBNS is the tent that made us famous and each of these tents has that as the inner tent body. It has proven its ease of use and durability through the years helping our military do their jobs effectively.

EBNS (Enhanced BedNet System)

mojabe ebsn long

I would choose the EBNS if I need a tough 3-season tent that could keep me and my gear dry during a downpour. It has Premethrin built in the netting so I will never have to worry about bugs biting me while in it. The downside compared to the Armadillo and the Badger is that the EBNS is heavier by over a pound.


mojave armadillo

I would choose the Armadillo if I had a pack cover or use a super light day pack that would fit under its small vestibule. It has all the same features as the EBNS but in a lighter and smaller footprint. It does have the advantage of being able to store the fly which is already hooked on the inner tent so setup/pack-up time is dramatically decreased with the Armadillo.


badger FB

When weight is your major concern, The Badger will be there to take care of you. Weighing in at 2.94 lbs the Badger won't break your back getting to and from the campsite. You will either need a pack cover or have somewhere dry to put your pack because there isn't a usable vestibule on the Badger. Another area of concern would be condensation. This is a hybrid 1.5 wall tent; you will get a little more condensation than the Armadillo and EBNS since the vapor has more places to escape in these double wall tents. The Badger still vents properly but if I lived in a humid climate I would get the Armadillo over the Badger.

Armadillo LT

7/18/2013 by Administrator

At the request of U.S. Army SOCOM elements, we revisited the design of the EBNS to make it faster and lighter. We developed a new version of a trusted product that weighed almost one third less, packed up faster and smaller, and costed less. That was the Armadillo. Then we wondered if we could make it even lighter and faster. So we did. The new Armadillo LT weighs less than three pounds and sets up in seconds. It is essentially a double-wall, single-wall hybrid, incorporating the best of both worlds. It offers the ventilation of a double wall with the light weight of a single wall. The overall dimensions are the same as the trusted and proven IBNS bed net that MMI and Catoma are known for throughout the military community and still offers the ability to be used on a cot or in the field. Made of military spec 1.9 oz. 70D Ripstop Nylon, this is a tough, lightweight single man shelter that is destined to be the next big thing in military field shelters. We are still testing this bad boy so if you have any feedback please give it now and we will try to address your issues. We are alos trying to tackle the issue of a new bag. Please let us know what you think about it. Sound off in comments or on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Catoma-Tents/282056764531

Item #: 64577F - (Coyote Brown - GSA Compliant ) 64577 - (Coyote Brown - Berry Compliant)

  • Goes up in Seconds
  • Flame Retardant to (CPAI-84)
  • Floor and Rain Cover Waterproofing: 1200 mm PU Coating
  • Embedded Permethrin Insect Protection
  • Fly Material: 70D 1.9 oz. Ripstop Nylon
Sleeps: 1
Weight: 2.94 lbs. // 1.33 kg
Packed Dimensions: 13" x 13" x 3.5" // 33 cm x 33 cm x 9 cm
Center Height: 27" // 68.5 cm
Floor Area: 90" L x 33" W at head x 25" W at feet
Floor Material: 70D 1.9 oz. Ripstop Nylon
Armadillo LT FLY-UP-500
Armadillo LT FLY-500
Armadillo Bag

BedNet Field Upgrade Kit

5/09/2012 by Administrator

We have finally come up with a solution for the customers out there who bought our original BedNet but want to be able to add the EBNS upgrade kit. The kit includes four small pieces. They all use 3/8 inch nylon tape for durability. The first pair have a tent pole grommet sewed in and a clip to attach it to the BedNet fiberglass pole. The second pair have a tent glove hook that will attach to the EBNS tent pole on one end and it can be tied in place on the otherside by the clip. A simple knot can be tied so you dont have to keep tying it. You can easily attach it using the clip once you have a loop. The kit is available now for those who wish to go ahead and buy a EBNS upgrade. These are only needed for the original BedNet. If you have a IBNS then you already have these attachments on your tent. Get them here: http://www.catomaoutdoor.com/Catalog/ProductInfo.aspx?id=190




Armadillo LCS

9/27/2011 by Administrator

After a couple months of changes we have now got the LCS to where we are happy with the weight and look. It also has a new name based on what it resembles. The "Armadillo LCS" is a one-man sub three pound tent with stakes! It still features the BedNet as the inner base and then use a shock corded pole to give you a double wall tent. Which in the south is a must because of all the humidity. We got rid of the vestibules to save weight and since the military uses waterproof pack covers now it wasn't neccessary. It uses the same 70 Denier Ripstop Nylon as the EBNS so you know it is durable. A cool feature is that you can actually take the riddgeline pole out and then fold the tent (with the fly still attached) up like you normally do a BedNet. Even with the fly on you can still pack it down to 13" x 13" x 3" as seen below. Another feature is Ventilation straps. As you can see below if you need extra air movement in the tent you can use the Ventilation straps to let extra air in. When not needed they store underneath to keep the elements out. If 3 pounds is somehow to heavy and you need even less weight you can leave the pole at home and use some 550 cord or equivalent. Just string the cord between two trees and then attach the clips on the rope to create the backbone. The tent goes down to 2.55 lbs if you do that!
















2010 SOFIC

7/06/2010 by Administrator

Tampa was great! Many thanks to all of your who stopped by the booth to check out the gear and chat it up with us. We think you Special Operations guys really appreciated the new gear like the Granite Gear drag bag and enjoyed the new modifications on our existing products like the Granite Gear patrol packs. We are truly proud to partner with Granite Gear on the tactical line of products. Big thanks goes out to Steve and Eric from Extreme Outfitters. Couldn't have done it without you guys! I will post some pics once I get them. In the mean time please check out or partners in crime at: http://granitegear.com/ & http://www.extremeoutfitters.us/


5/04/2010 by Administrator

From time to time we will release info on some new products that we are working on. Sometimes we won't be able to say much because it is sensitive in nature but we will try to give as much info as we can. We are currently working with a partner called HDI from Las Vegas on a new type of camouflage called DepSoc360. It mimics nature's natural lines and colors to blend whatever the pattern is thrown on. We are making different things such as uniforms and also shrouds for equipment. As you can see from the video link, once the focus is off the camo and zooms away the guy seems to disappear. The best thing about the pattern is that it can be used in all kinds of terrain since we have the ability to take a snapshot of the environment and tailor the pattern to the actual mission. From desert to woodland we have got you covered. We have been working with the U.S. military to get feedback from the field to improve the design. We actually have one of our people visiting a base this week to continue work on the pattern. We think the camo will be best used by the Special Forces, Snipers, and anyone on recon. Of course we plan on licensing the design to different apparel companies so if you like the design start looking and asking for DepSoc360 at your favorite gear store. We will begin working on a new website that gives tons of new info and other fun stuff. Keep coming back to site for discounts, games, and even a free product or two. Sign up for the newsletter for the easiest way to keep on top of all the promotions. In the meantime check out the videos that HDI has come up with. Take in mind that in some of the shots the camo is designed for another terrain but as you can plainly see it still works like a charm. http://www.youtube.com/user/force4digital